Lance Lichtensteiger

For the last thirty some years Lance has been carving wildlife, mainly birds and in 2000 his daughter Wendy joined him in the effort. The carvings are carved from American Wormy Chestnut, a hard wood that was widely used in construction prior to the blight which all but wiped them out in the 1920s. This wood full of imperfections gives them their distinctive look and is like a second signature for Lichtensteiger.

Born and reared in New Jersey, after graduating from Rutgerā€™s and a stint as lieutenant in the Navy --a flight instructor, he pursued a career in construction mostly in northern Jersey. On the job he encountered so many early log structures to be destroyed but as a lover of history and old wood, he began dismantling structures and ultimately using the antique wood for his bird carvings. At first he carved decoys, then as his art became more sophisticated, he branched out into doing the beautiful works of art which are his craft today.

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